I"m not sure what this says about me, but I think beautiful liquor bottles make a great home accessory. This portrait, along with its stocked tray of spirits, sets a certain mood. I can imagine someone asking for a Manhattan or a Rusty nail as they head off to an overstuffed chair by a roaring fire. My preference is for a bar to be set out on a table although there are wonderful bar cabinets available. I just think there is more visual interest as you can change the choice of liquor bottles and accompanying accoutrements with the season.

Image via House Beautiful. Design by Craig Schumacher and Phillip Kirk, portrait by Arn Hansen.

Our bar cabinet is positioned between two french doors in our family room. This photo is from the summertime. As you'll note, there are two, not one, bottles of Bombay Sapphire. I love this gorgeous caribean blue color! ( and a well-made gin & tonic with a twist of lime.)

Living etc, Jan 2008, Inside-Out chest, Fresh West Design

Williams Sonoma Home Montmarte Cabinet

Inside Avenue bar cabinet

And for those wine aficianodos - a vintage bottle holder.