It's fun to travel but being back home means I can blog about it! As the taxi driver pulled up to Seattle's Alexis Hotel, my eyes opened wide - there were two home decor stores right near the hotel. If you're in Seattle, Maison Luxe and Watson Kennedy should be definite stops. The owner of Maison Luxe, Kelie Grosso, has a selective eye for great pieces and I found her signature blue color to be the perfect antidote to the grey Seattle sky. You're even greeted by her friendly dog, Zoe. As it turns out, Decorno, also recently visited Maison Luxe and posted a very interesting interview with Kelie in which she shares some of her experiences opening her store. I fell in love with a ceramic pineapple candle - now I'm searching for the perfect spot for it. Check out the selection of furniture and accessories as Maison Luxe ships all over the U.S.

"The essence of fine living is enhanced by the objects that surround you" - an appropriate sentiment that accurately describes the wonderful collection of items offered in this store, owned by Ted Kennedy Watson. (there's two other locations too) I loved the mix of vintage items with the extensive range of new accessories, candles, ribbons, stationary, etc. Perusing through this store is also a tutorial in the arrangement of objects to create wonderful vignettes and tablescapes. A display of a stand alone, gorgeous green wall with the portrait of a girl is particularly striking.

Ted Kennedy Watson and Ted Sive's home was featured in Country Living. Check out the publicity section of the store's site for more images.