Love how lucite/acrylic is there but it isn't - and I love what its presence contributes to the design of these rooms.

Image via Beach Studios - Brondesbury Villa

House Beautiful
Living Etc., My kids would seriously love this chair but I"m not sure how long it would last bolted into the ceiling.

Patricia Gray's lucite lamp - So very elegant

Lucite pulls in Patricia Gray's kitchen

Living etc, Dec. 2007

Living etc., Sep 2007, Table by Patricia Aurquil

House Beautiful Nov 2006, Paul Sisken

House Beautiful, Amanda Nisbet, photographed by Pieter Eistersohn

House Beautiful, Amanda Nisbet, photography by Pieter Eistersohn

Wish magazine, photography Ed Yarwood

Wish, photography by Hangus Fergusson

Image via The Paris Apartment
Image via The Paris Apartment

Lucite looking right at home outdoors (Living etc., Palocco Chairs - Habitat)

An adorable retro cream and sugar set - a recent Etsy purchase I made.

For more inspiration, check out Alkemie's list of lucite and acrylic sources.