I'm in a philosophical mood today. Yesterday on NPR's Morning Edition, Jessica Queller, author of Pretty is What Changes, talked about her personal journey after learning she had the BRCA breast cancer gene. She referenced a line from a Stephen Sondheim's song - "Pretty is what changes, what the eye arranges is what is beautiful." I happened to be combing through "blog pictures yet to be posted" at the time, and after the interview was finished, my mind wandered back to design. What makes something beautiful? What makes it pretty? Why might you and I look at the same room and have two different reactions? And, does it matter - since it's our eyes that "arrange what is beautiful."
Timothy Whealon

D home mag, March/April 08, designer Julio Quinones
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Vincente Wolf via Carolina Eclectic
designer Miguel Flores Viana via Desire to Inspire