Flipping through my copy of House Beautiful 750 Designer Secrets: Exclusive Design Ideas from the ProsI came across so many beautiful rooms. This is an excellent book, not one with a constant narrative running throughout, but the type of book you pick up again and again for new ideas and inspirations.

photography by Dana Gallagher (The photos in this post were taken of the book, original photographers noted. I could not find designer credits for the rooms.)

photography by Dana Gallagher
photography by Dana Gallager
photography by Roger Davies
photography by Dana Gallagher
photography by Gordon Beall
photography by Gordon Bealle
photography by John Hall
photography by Gordon Beall

House Beautiful 750 Designer Secrets: Exclusive Design Ideas from the Pros

Part 2: Grateful Blogger
This past week I have been the recipient of some lovely, wonderful gestures that I wanted to share and acknowledge.
A beautiful photo frame from MRR Designs for some very minor assistance with resizing an image (the technological credit actually belongs to my 14 year old son.) This frame is lovely - and so incredibly well made. I have attempted these before - and failed. Check out her wonderful site - you can even have custom message boards made.

From the lovely and inimitable Patricia of PVE Design - an original rendering of a florist shop in gorgeous brown and greens. Click here to see a full sized image of this painting from her original post. Patricia designed my blog header and I'll be posting more on some of the other things she's created for this blog.

Out of the blue, a packet arrived from northwest Canada - more beautiful Cartolina Cards from artist Fiona Richards. I so love this little Hello card - the blue and red are so perfect together. Now I want wallpaper like this for my downstairs bathroom!!
AND from my husband - this Mocha Rumbie delivered to me pool side in our backyard. This past week we celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary!!