This morning I was in the idyllic village of Skaneateles, NY.

Now I'm home but wishing, just a bit (o.k, a lot) that I was back there. This happens everytime we return to Central New York.

But I have discovered the cure and it involves repeating the following phrase over and over again, "Remember the winter weather, remember the winter weather..."

However, in summer it's the best! Hope you enjoy these photos.

The Thayer House

High up on the 3rd floor, this sailboat caught my eye.

The Sherwood Inn - this is where we had dinner before the Senior Prom. I grew up in the next town over, Auburn, NY (the subject of a previous post)

Love to peek down driveways to see the carriage houses.

Usually houses with Mansard roofs scare me - but not this one. These homes look out onto the lake.

One of the town's many bakery shops - love this entry.

LOVE the gothic architecture in the house below - do NOT LOVE the color selection or the bricka-bracka add-on white wrought iron...

Slate sidewalks - very typical of Central New York towns

Even the library is cute!!

It seems that Parishioners leave out the bounty of their gardens for those passing by. This was all that was left by 8 p.m.