I'm very excited - in about 10 days we will have a new refrigerator! Our criteria: (1) counter depth, (2) energy efficient (3) reasonably priced and (4) less than 34" wide as that's all the space we have! Models from the German companies Blomberg and Liebherr fit the criteria but the Blomberg was more affordable. We chose the Energy Star rated Blomberg 1450. Energy Star qualified refrigerator models use at least 20% less energy than required by current federal standards and 40% less energy than the conventional models sold in 2001.

It has 14.8 cubic feet of storage and is counter depth at 24 13/16 inches and is 75" high and almost 28" wide. Our current refrigerator is no where near counter depth and is 34" wide - so we will gain 6" of storage space and about 8 inches of freed up floor space. This will be great because our refrigerator is positioned to the very right of the entrance into the kitchen. Although it is smaller than our current Amana bottom mount freezer, I'm very excited that it's shallower because alot of our food ends up getting forgotten about at the back of the fridge.

Check out Yale Applicances blog for their comments and more pics of the Blomberg. It's interesting because they also mention the counter-depth Fisher & Paykel fridge. We really liked that one but it wasn't Energy Star rated. (p.s. - Thanks to the salesman at Yale Appliances! Eventhough he knew he couldn't make a sale with me (Yale is located in the Boston area) he generously spent time with me on the phone. I was interested to hear about the product reliability of the Blomberg and he said they've had no red flags raised by their service department.) If you're in the Washington DC area you can see a Blomberg (as well as Summit fridges) at M and M Appliance.

Love this creative idea for storage.

After the fridge arrives, we will be completing the second 1/2 of our kitchen renovation. We finished the upper cabinets two years ago and now it's time to move on to the bottom cabinets. This is a case where our procrastination payed off because the Blomberg fridge has only recently become available in the U.S. image via Canadian House & Home

The image below is from Porch Light Interiors - a terrific blog if you haven't already come across it. I heart this kitchen from Notebook Magazine.