Every year I join a group of fellow home design enthusiasts and head over to historic Tudor Place in Georgetown, DC for their boxwood wreath making event. (If you live nearby, as of this morning, there are still spots available for this coming weekend Dec. 12th and 13th.)

Here's the gate to Tudor Place on 31st Street. It really sets the mood for a fun morning.

All the boxwood, magnolia and assorted evergreens are cut fresh from the property's gorgeous plantings.

Below is the carriage house where the wreath making takes place. Wouldn't it be lovely to live here!

My wreath in progress...
An impressive Sago Palm tucked off in the corner of the carriage house.
Gretchen made a centerpiece this year. It smells wonderful!
Lori's magnolia wreath sprayed gold - gorgeous.
Anne's beautiful ribbon-wrapped wreath.

My wreath - ribbon to be added later at home. Kim and Rhonda I missed photographing your wreaths!
Door to the recently renovated exterior of Tudor Place.

Beautiful grounds with pea stone walkways.
Where's this from? Well, of course, how could we make it through Georgetown without a stop at Georgetown Cupcake! These beautiful flowers are from Ultraviolet Flowers.

Afterwards, we came back to my house for a luncheon. I forgot to photograph the table before eating so here's just a picture of my arrangement. It's comprised of 6 tiny glasses each with their own little bouquet. They were spread out with 3 at each end of the table with a compote in the center but here's the "luncheon is over" version. At the last minute I put a piece of leftover brown linen fabric on the table - the color is a bit off in this picture. I'll post a photo where my wreath ended up later in the week ( I usually put up something hardier on the front door) - I haven't decided yet!