Atlanta = Design Heaven. My very first visit to this city did not disappoint and how could it when my first stop was Max & Co, the sister store of Mrs. Howard. The first picture is of my favorite room - an oval shaped library located in the center of the second floor of this 3-story store. This photo doesn't do this room justice - below are a few pictures from the store's website (slightly different decor) that give you a better sense of the room.

Isnt' the detailing of this mantle incredible? Do you think I could convince my husband to spend his summer vacation whittling me a replica of this??

The image above is via the store's site. Notice the change to the current decor below. I prefer the brown sofa, the striped pillows and the white, non-patterned chairs.
Here's a close-up of the wall treatment. When you first walk in it looks like they are ceramic tiles. Instead they are painted on what appears to be a faux tile panelled fiberboard - something that is akin to sheets of bead board panelling and probably available at a Lowes or Home Depot. Ingenious idea!

This room is on the first floor to the right of the stair well. Very lovely. (images from the store's site) I bought something on the blue end table - will plan to photograph it in my house and post it.
Lastly, here is a striking bedroom w/the dark ink walls and terrific fabrics. I also visited Mrs. Howard, a gorgeous store in its own right, but for me Max & Co was the real show stealer. As you probably have read on other blogs, the stores now have their own blog so we can all virtually visit what's new and changing - Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper. Looking forward to going back in May!

Part 2 of my Atlanta posts will be on the incredible Interiors Market - my camera behaved much better there and I have a ton of pics to post.