Love, love this "twall" pattern on Bungalow Company's Twall Y'all Junque Trunk. It's a super sturdy 24 X 15 X 15 container that has a zippered bottom that allows it to be folded completely flat. I am totally enamored with their beachy lime green/blue toile that I scoured the internet to see if it came in wallpaper or fabric. As far as I can tell it doesn't.

This junque trunk is doing duty just inside one of the french doors in our family room. Since the basement entry is a bit under-continuing-construction this door is handling all the traffic from our pool. Hoping it will encourage people to drop off their shoes & wet towels...

I bought the first one at a local store and ordered another one and a taller, hamper sized version from Amazon. Here's some more pics of the pattern. Too cute!