This is the opposite of an eye candy post. You see, it's T-24 days until some very special guests come to my home. I am now attempting to complete a whole series of to-do's. Here's my office midway through redecoration. I painted the brick white (the wrong white I might add) but then decided it should be like the walls, Benjamin Moore's North Creek Brown. Notice the white mantle to the left (Craigslist $100) that will be soon attached to this brick wall. The shelves are also in need of some serious editing and styling! (p.s. the original brick was not pretty)

Here are two shelving units I bought years ago at Upscale Resale. They were dark wood that I painted black. Now they're being painted Farrow & Ball's Pavilion Gray. They've been mounted on top of a frame my husband built. I still need to get the doors for the lower half...
A little stool that I found next to the trash bin in the parking garage at Clarendon Commons. It has been painted Pavilion Gray too. Notice my use of the past tense - this project has been completed! I still need to take a photo of the finished product.
Here's a bouquet for you. You deserve it after looking at all this non-eye candy!