A privilege, truly. I've attended many concerts over the years and have seen some amazing shows (U2, Springstein, The Who) but I can honestly say this concert is the one that all past and future concerts will be compared against. And deep down, I doubt anything can top last night.

First of all, a huge thank you to my friend Anne for inviting me to come along and share in the tickets her client gave her. Here we are, ninth row back from the floor - amazing seats! (thanks for bringing your camera Gretchen!)
Even more amazing than where we were seated, was what we experienced! Some highlights:
- Paul at the piano singing The Long and Winding Road
- Rocking out to Band on the Run
- The addition of Michelle My Belle to the play list - even if I wasn't the Michelle it was intended for!
- The huge surprise of shooting flames and fireworks during Live and Let Die
- An entire stadium singing Hey Jude
- Two encores, with four songs each, including just Paul with his guitar singing Yesterday.
- Watching 40 and 50+ year old men and woman grab every piece of confetti that shot out of a cannon as a souvenir - and being one of them!
To add to all of that, it seemed like Paul was really happy to be in Washington DC. He referenced the Beatles first U.S. performance in DC in '64 but that then they could barely hear themselves above the screaming girls. So of course, every woman in the stadium started screaming! Along with being an amazing singer and performer, Paul is charming, gracious and full of incredible energy. He gave his all to us, performing for almost 3 hours! The last two lines he sung of the night:
And, in the end, the love you take Is equal to the love you make.