Last Friday, Meg of Pigtown*Design gave my friend, Anne, and I a great tour of three Baltimore shopping spots (thanks Meg!). I couldn't let that trip go by without posting some pics. Our first stop was the annual warehouse sale at McLain Weisand, a firm specializing in custom furnishings. It was really a privilege to visit this store - the craftmanship and quality is incredible.

A beautiful faux shagreen box. As I'm writing this post I'm thinking - Why didn't I buy this?
However I did buy the two iron ring sculptures to the left. They're now on my new faux mantlepiece in my office - which I plan to post about soon.

A curved bookcase makes for a spectacular space. Notice the owner's dog's canopy bed!
Our second stop was Housewerks. This store is full of eclectic and interesting salvage pieces. In addition to their great finds, the building is incredible and worth the visit alone. Check out the staircase that leads to the basement.

Discarded shards of glass from a stained glass company. Housewerks literally has tons of these - Meg has created some beautiful necklaces with selected pieces.
Here's the iron/brass wall candle holder I found at our last stop, Second Chance. It's missing one piece so I'm considering removing the far one on the right as well...we'll see. I plan to use this piece outside on our patio. (p.s. If you're looking for shutters, Second Chance is the place to go)