The voting starts today at 8 am for the fabulous Brickmaker's Table giveaway at Velvet & Linen! There are 10 terrific finalists to choose from and you have until Sunday November 29th at 8 am to cast your vote. One vote per person; the top 3 win. I was excited to be one of the bloggers who participated in the preliminary selection and am very curious to see if any of the 5 I voted for made their way into the top 10. Be sure to head over to Velvet & Linen to cast your vote!

Leading up to the announcement of the final 10, Brooke posted many of the 170 entries she received. The entry above is from James B and my first thought upon seeing it was "Who is this guy and does he have a blog?!" Well, Brooke gave me good news, he does! James has created a blog - Garvinweasel - to document the renovation of his antebellum farmhouse (c 1858) in the deep south. If you're as impressed with his creativity as I am, you'll be sure to become a fan of this new blogger.

To check out the details of the gorgeous giveaway coffee table from BoBo - click here.


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