Earlier in the month I had wrote about my dilemma in decorating my small, windowless dining room that now functions more as a pass-thru than a dining room. I received so many terrific ideas comments - thank you. Prompted by a suggestion from Beth of Chinoiserie Chic, I've been giving alot of thought lately to the power of scenic wallpaper to visually expand a windowless space. Recently I came across this windowless dining room designed by Laura McLaughlin - you can see it just beyond the couch.
The misty English landscape was painted by Boston area artist Patricia Trapp. I'm not sure I would like to make that type of commitment, but I'm wondering about a landscape scene in muted tones or grisaille painted on, or applied to, an oversized canvas. Being a bit fickle, the trick will be in finding something we won't tire of and appeals to us personally, like the country side of the Finger Lakes in NY or Co.Kerry, Ireland.

Also, thanks to your comments, the bench has been moved out of my dining room and the table is now centered in the room. Instantly, the room felt more balanced. Now instead of 44 inches of space to walk by on the left, there's 39 inches on both sides of the table. This also solves the lighting problem and now I'll plan to go with a chandelier/hanging fixture.

For more pictures of this beautiful home, originally published in Traditional Home Nov 2005, go here. (Photography by Frances Janisch)
For additional ideas on scenic papers, SW Design has a very comprehensive post here.