The last few months I think I've been noticing a resurgence of bun feet. Now, I used to associate bun feet with those oversized pine ones from the 80's but these bun feet are much more sophisticated. With turned detailing and better scale, they can be down right charming. I love this silver bowfront dresser from Wisteria with its elegant bun feet. Here's a mood board from Susie Isaac of Maddie G Designs incorporating the Wisteria piece into a luxe room design.

Brooklyn Limestone just posted on her master bedroom and she selected a gorgeous painted dresser with bun feet. Love it!

Wisteria has a helpful design glossary and here's their definition: "A Jacobean term for a foot shaped like a stubby knob. This term came to use in the 17th century. This is an English term for ball foot." Here's some more examples, this first one is Brooklyn Limestone's dresser with shelves from Find Home Furnishings.

Dresser with antler pulls from Find Home Furnishings
I was curious to see if Pottery Barn offered furniture with bun feet. Here's just one of their pieces - the new Belvedere Armoire
The Baxter's side chest (above) and Benedetta's side table (below) from Ballard Designs
So, are there more bun feet around lately or is it just my imagination?