Wisteria has some new offerings in their spring catalog and I was really surprised by the great pricing. The first that caught me eye is their handpainted Balustrade console table - for $179 plus $75 shipping surcharge. Love the demilune shape and the fact that it's only 15 1/4" deep. At this price, you could justify spray painting it a new color if you wanted - maybe a chinese red or peacock blue?
The next is their Tiered Metal Garden Stand for $149. It's 80" tall - so glad they didn't skimp on the height because it allows you to use it as a real focus point.
Finally, their new German Silver Etched Square Coffee table for $279 plus $25 shipping surcharge. I think this table has alot of character - more of what you'd find at an estate sale as opposed to a catalog. Wisteria never seems to disappoint!