Happy Dolphy Day!! If you know what this means then I'm guessing you either went to LeMoyne College or know someone who did. LeMoyne is in Syracuse NY and Dolphy Day celebrates the first sunny and somewhat warm day in spring. I can't speak to the campus tradition now, but from '82 - '86 it was still a bit of a rogue venture not officially sanctioned by the college (now alumni receive an email spreading the news). You woke up to find the secret "grand wizard" had toilet papered the campus and everyone skipped class. Beer trucks and kegs would arrive and a very crazy & fun day would begin. If you've ever lived through a cold and dark Syracuse winter you can sympathize with the need for this free-for-all.

Why the name Dolphy? It's from the originators of the day back in 1971 and honors the late jazz musician Eric Dolphy.

Why no picture of my 4 years of Dolphy Day celebrations to go along with this post?...some things are better left not shown. Happy Dolphy Day!!