If Elle Decor was incarnated as a store I think it would look just like Great Jones Home of Seattle. Luckily when I was visiting last month I had a chance to meet owner Carrie Hayden, the creative force behind this amazing store that would be just as home in NYC or Chicago as it is in Seattle. The store is comprised of beautiful vignettes - each with their own unique look. I love how she's stacked these prints; something a bit different from the side-by-side symmetrical placement. The lantern is perfect in this space too.
A little pop of chinoiserie red on the pillow. (I'm still rooting for red as the color of 2011)
Now, for an old money chic look. It always seems that a vintage portrait adds importance to everything around it.
Carrie mentioned that these make these wonderful metal sculptures on lucite bases and they're available in 3 sizes at 3 price points under $100. Perfect for you or a friend! (hope I'm remembering the pricing accurately) When I go back to Seattle in September I'm planning for space in my suitcase to take one of these home.
Gallery style mix of prints and mirrors. Notice the tortoise shell off to the right.

Carrie and her staff also provide full service interior design. A beautiful vintage bathroom Carrie designed was featured in the June 2010 issue of House Beautiful here.

I've been noticing alot of brown sofas in stores recently but that might just be because my family room sofa is out being reupholstered in a brown linen. Love the velvet on this sofa - so welcoming.
Thank you to Carrie and her staff for letting me wander around snapping pics. If you're in Seattle, Great Jones Home is a must visit!!
1921 Second Avenue Seattle, WA