Last Friday I made a quick trip out to the amazing fabric store Haute in Marshall, VA (*no longer in Middleburg. New address is 8393 West Main St. Marshall, 540.364.1221) hoping to find fabric for the family room couch I'm having reupholstered. JACKPOT - Kelly Wearstler's Fern Tree for Schumacher in charcoal grey/ivory at $28 a yard. (Later I read on Pink Wallpaper that this fabric retails for over $200 a yd)

I had a brief moment of hestitation so I'm so glad my friend Anne was there to encourage me to get it - especially since a number of other shoppers started eyeing my prize. Now the only question was would there be at least 12+ yards? I wasn't sure as the bolt didn't seem that large. After 5 yards we found the fabric was cut. My heart started pounding a bit (I know - it's "only" fabric) Well we got to 12 yards and I saw there was more so I kinda shouted out "I'll take it all!" I felt like I was in a casino putting all my chips on Red. My winnings - 18 3/8 yards. Although my husband reminded me it technically wasn't a "winning" but a purchase. Don't quite agree with that...

So now, here's my dilemma. Which way do I run the fabric? Vertical or Horizontal??
( Horizontal Repeat - 3.5", Vertical Repeat - 18.875")

This is not my couch (mine is more straight lined) but it gives an idea. So, what do you think?

(image of couch via Pink Wallpaper. Sorry for the lack of links. I'm posting from my ipad and forgot how to do this)