Over Christmas break I had a chance to visit one of my favorite stores, Wanda Crossley's Matthews House & Garden, in Upperville, VA. Every time I go it's a visual treat. This time when you walk in, the former church vestibule is an inviting sitting area with a stunning display of branches on the wall. Aren't those gray pillows fab too?
This brass and glass shelf (I'm sure there's a name for this) would be gorgeous on a kitchen island.

A clover leaf table - my new favorite piece in the store.

My daughter was fascinated by these. They're graphite sculptures that serve as artful pencils - the one on the left is a pointed hand.

One more time, just because...
A chicken topiary to greet you on your way in and out. If you plan a trip to Matthews in Upperville keep in mind that Haute Fabrics in Marshall is only a few miles a way (that's the amazing fabric store where I got Kelly Wearstler's Fern Tree for only $28 a yard.) Or vice versa - if you're headed to Haute be sure to visit Matthews.