Me: I think I want to put one of the giant balls from the backyard into the fireplace?
Dan: What?
Me: The giant clam has been done before; it's even appeared on a magazine cover. I'm just copying.
Dan: Nobody who comes to our house will know that.
Me: Yes, they will.
Dan: Didn't you just spend hours arranging all those shells inside the clam?
Me: Are you going to help me or not? I think I can roll it in if you aren't.

Me: I like this better. Don't you think it's odd and funny in a cool way?
Dan: It looks like a meteroid fell down our chimney.
Me: ...walk away...

Me: ...return to living room later to be greeted by a happy, smiling giant ball

What do you think? Ball or Clam?

(Concrete clam and hypertufa ball from Flat Earth Designs,