Overwhelmed by all the design content that's out there? Well, now there's curateDE! The brainchild of interior designer Raji Radhakrishna and her techie husband Murali Narasimhan, curateDE is the design aficionado's digest. Think of it as a curated version of design magazines and blog posts, featuring those articles and posts that other design lovers have recommended via twitter.

How do you use curateDE?: First, log in with your facebook or twitter account. From 50+ sources, select the ones that you would like to read and add to "Your Sources". This will automatically edit and leave out the ones you are not interested in. You can select up to a maximum of 30 sources ( which is a maximum of 200 articles/posts). Every time you visit curateDE, you can quickly browse through the article lead-ins in "MY Page" and click on those you want to read more about, which then takes you to the article's original sources. In my opinion, that's a huge plus that makes curateDE stand out from other portals.

curateDE is designed to "ping" the latest articles and posts posted on web sites and blogs when they are "tweeted" by some one. Similar to an RSS feed except it's been designed it to only ping a portion or one photograph and only the first couple of text lines on the original post or article. The more the article/post is tweeted/shared, the more likely it will appear on curateDE. I also love the Wednesday and Sunday curateDE Edition. In the last month, I've come across great design content I normally wouldn't have if it wasn't for curateDE. Be sure to check it out.

To join in all the fun, I've recently created a twitter account for My Notting Hill here & installed a share button at the end of each post. (...no need to give details on how long it took me to figure that out.)

Back tomorrow to start off a week devoted to Scott Antiques Market & the amazing design stores of Atlanta.