The 2011 DC Design House is set to open April 9th; the Bare Bones Tour was held over a week ago and it looks like it's going to be a stunning showhouse! Patrick Sutton, architect and interior designer, will be transforming the grand living room with its soaring ceiling and Juliet balcony. The rendering above is the view of the far wall as you enter from the entry hall.

If you compare the before-pic with Patrick's plans, you'll see a number of architectural features that will be added to give the room a more human scale. Flanking bookcases, significant curved moldings and brackets not only improve the scale but draw attention to the original, circular leaded paned glass window. It's hard to see from the image below but the glass is varying shades of green. (pic below via DC Design House Facebook page) Absolutely love the large library table Patrick has planned.
The design of the left side of the room will treat the fireplace as the focal point. Two tall metal cases store wood and will be topped with sculpture, and the existing chandeliers will be replaced by larger pieces from the immensely talented furniture and lighting designer David Iatesta.
Here's the rendering of the other side of the room. As you can see, there are multiple places to gather throughout the room.
This is the view looking from the room back out towards the entry hall. Round mirrors echo the features of the opposite far wall, partial circular cut-aways behind the bench and bureau repeat the theme; all of which really play up the unexpected and exciting Juliet balcony (which, by the way, leads to the master bedroom.)
Am so looking forward to seeing Patrick's completed living room - I'm sure it will be one to remember! Next post - more from the DC Design House: Part 2
(image via Home & Design magazine here, all renderings by Patrick Sutton)