Last week while visiting Seattle's Great Jones Home, I noticed these great tete-a-tete pieces. So interesting - have you ever used one in your home?

In keeping with the diagonal theme, Barry Dixon has these two chairs at angles - creating an unexpected look and opportunities for multiple conversation areas.

Barry Dixon, photography by Jonny Valiant.

Stefan of Architect Design recently showcased the Hampton Show House room designed by Donald Schermerhon, where he noted the diagonal placement of the furniture aided the traffic flow.

Re: THE EARTHQUAKE in DC, of all places - I never would have guessed that I would be in Dallas, my husband in NY, and my teenage kids home by themselves when a 5.8 earthquake hit. They called me from the street in front of the house, surrounded by neighbors, clearly a bit shaken. Bookcases fell over and pictures fell from the walls but my kids were safe and sound. And, that's the only thing that matters.