Although I've already posted about some highlights from High Point, there are a few more things to share. The upholstered furniture at Drexel Heritage was really fun and it extended to combinations with wood as in the mirror above.

Thomasville has a wonderful industrial inspired line called Reinventions and their inspiration is authentic as they turned to their own vintage factory pieces. The Shop Floor Chest is directly inspired by a chest that held tools early in their history. My picture doesn't quite show it but the handles are marked with their name.
Loved the Apprenctice Adjustable Activity Table.

Lane Venture had one of the smartest and practical features on some of their outdoor pieces - a ledge for additional seating! I tested it out and it's perfectly comfortable and balanced. Could definitely imagine how handy this would be during a party or with a large gathering of kids by the pool.
The other standout was how much the slipcovered outdoor pieces looked as if they were intended for interiors. My favorite was the english roll arm sofa. This look would allow you to use these pieces in a family or rec room instead of traditional furnishings.