In 2011 Darryl Carter teamed with Benjamin Moore to introduce a curated color palette grouped into six families - white, gray-green, blue, khaki, greige and accent.  The collection has grown to 48 colors and is prominently featured in his newest book, The Collected Home: Rooms with Style, Grace, and History.  The color choices reflect Carter's impeccable eye for restrained, nuanced color and the complete palette is harmonious and cohesive.

However, when I headed to my local Benjamin Moore store I couldn't locate the paints by their Darryl Carter names which all end with a DC code.  Luckily they had one pamphlet in the back and let me borrow the store copy to "translate" the DC (Darryl Carter) codes to  BM codes for future, easy reference.  As you can see above, Darryl Carter's Georgetown Blue DC-31 is Woodlawn Blue HC 147 in Benjamin Moore's parallel universe.

Moonlight White 2143-60 (and OC 125), a long time Carter favorite, is Huntington White DC-02.
Tamarack Gray DC-45 is aka Whale Gray 2134-40 and Bullock Gray is DC-46 is Anchor Gray 2126-30.
I don't think you could ever go wrong with a Darryl Carter color.  So, since it's a holiday and I have a little bit of time on my hands , here's the complete list if you're interested.

barcraft white DC-01  =  2143-70
huntington white DC-02  =  OC-125
bonifant white DC-03  =  White
crestridge white DC-04  =  Decorator's White
somerset white DC-05  =  OC-63
doque gray DC-06  =  2137-70
sheridan gray DC-07  =  OC-52
ashmead gray DC-08  =  OC-56
willard white DC-09  =  2122-70
grantham blue DC-10  =  2122-60
albemarle blue DC-11  =  2131-70
dalton blue DC-12  =  2131-60
mayfair white DC-13  =  2144-60
ellsworth khaki DC-14  =  OC-48
stratton khaki DC-15  =  HC-99
wythe khaki DC-16  =  HC-102
tennyson white DC-17  =  OC-22
falls white DC-18  = 2108-70
broxburn greige DC-19 = 2108-60
asford greige DC-20  =  2108-50
pinecrest gray DC-21  =  AC-27
phelps black DC-22  =  2132-10
marbury brown DC-23  =  2112-20
bayard blue DC-24  =  2129-30
leland white DC-25  =  2125-70
belmont gray DC-26 =  2128-70
delafield gray DC-27  =  2120-70
ashby blue DC-28  =  2128-60
dumbarton white DC-29  =  2123-70
whitehaven blue DC-30  =  2139-70
georgetown blue DC-31  =  HC-147
drummond blue DC-32  =  HC-146
cameron green DC-33  =  2145-60
linnean green DC-34  =  2144-50
clarendon green DC-35  =  2142-60
denton gray DC-36  =  2141-50
hanover white DC-37  =  OC-45
fenwick white DC-38  =  OC-41
grafton brown DC-39  =  AC-1
brookdale brown DC-40  =  HC-82
decatur white DC-41  =  2144-70
essex yellow DC-42  =  2149-70
blagdon yellow DC-43  =  2149-60
dunmore yellow DC-44  =  2149-50
tamarack gray DC-45  =  2134-40
bullock gray DC-46  =  2126-30
chase green DC-47  =  2135-20
vinton brown DC-48  =  2134-30

The Collected Home: Rooms with Style, Grace, and History 

**I've received a few emails from readers asking about the type of BM paint.  My BM store told me it can be done in any of the BM paint types while other stores have said to use the AURA base.  Just mentioning that so you'll have this info when you make your choice.