Besides a pillow sham or two, you would be pretty hard pressed to find floral patterns in my house. That's why I shocked myself when I chose this riot of blooms for the curtains in my newly painted (almost finished, bookcases left to go) library/dining room.  I really want this room to be fresh and airy.  As soon as I got home, I held the fabric against the Farrow & Ball Calke Green walls and was so pleased with how they complemented and contrasted...

But as you know, whenever you depart in a different direction there's bound to be some second guessing.  I started asking myself, "Floral, really, are you sure???"  So I googled floral drapes and this is what I found.  Yeah! Floral - can't wait!  (Fabric from the amazing Haute Fabrics in Marshall, VA.  More on my trip out there later in the week.) 

Image from Julia Reed's New Orleans home via Wall St. Journal  here, photography by Paul Costello.  These arm chairs are covered in Claremont's Georges Le Manach Montefontaine Gris.

**Just noticed the velvet on this chair.  I also scored some gorgeous green Schumacher Mohair for my room at Haute too.