From what I can tell the Atlanta Symphony Decorator's Show House held their media preview day yesterday - so I'm eagerly waiting for all those terrific Atlanta Bloggers (that includes the awesome Sherika) to post an abundance of eye candy.  Here's a bit of a sneak peek I found on designer Robert Brown's blog.

Do you remember how amazing the show house was last year? 

Here's last year's foyer by Melanie Turner (image by Sherry Hart)  In 2012 I could only admire from afar but this year I realized I'd be in Denver the first week of May....Denver, what does that have to do with Atlanta??  Well if you're trying to catch a flight back to DC after 6 pm there's nothing - but you can catch a flight to Atlanta. Sure, I'll be getting to my Buckhead hotel at 1 am but then I'll be show house bound the next day! (and I'll still end up getting home about the same time as if I'd stayed the extra night in Denver)