Before heading to the Atlanta Symphony Show House last Friday, I made a quick visit to the ADAC sample sale where I was drawn like a magnet to the intaglio offerings from Frank Thomas Gallery.  IMO, great prices!  Above, $185 or $100 framed.

There was also a range of prints, including birds, animals and landscapes.

I bought these two framed architectural fragment intaglios backed on a beautiful green at $135 a piece.  Very happy with that :)

Now for the show house.  Of course, there was no photography allowed and I hadn't taken the time to contact them ahead of time to see if they'd let a visiting blogger take a few photos.  (Yes, it was killing me the whole time). However, I was really lucky because one of the designers from Clay Snider Interiors happened to be there and he graciously allowed me to take pics of their space.  This is the BEST children's bedroom I've ever seen - not only was it a beautiful, cohesive design that you could imagine a child truly enjoying, the energy of the room felt wonderful.  Do you know what I mean by that?  Not only did it look great, it felt great!

A custom green blue was created for the walls.  Globes are creatively hung from the walls.

One my favorite parts - this inspiring collection of art work.  
The Lion, among the oil paintings, is genius.