Last Friday I enjoyed a one-day side trip to Atlanta after a long week of business travel.  My visit included visiting the ASO Show House and ADAC sample sale and I plan to post on that next (although sadly I couldn't take photos...but I do have things to show...)  Before heading to the airport, I stopped at the always fabulous Interiors Market.  The proprietors of Interiors Market are the best and every one of their 40 dealers has really unique pieces.  This trip my favorite vendor was located at the very back - the pieces primarily from her former NYC apartment and current home.

Below, more amazing things from the same vendor.

HEREI fell in love with this early Jorge Pensi Regina Lamp (produced by B Lux in Spain) and it found it's way into my carry-on bag.  I'm on business travel again this week so this coming weekend I intend to find it a place in my home.

Another vendor's beautifully staged area.

These pics are for my friend Anne who has a nice collection of pierced creamware herself.

If you're in Atlanta, be sure to visit Interiors Market in South Buckhead (55 Bennett St NW)