Before:  Whittington Design Studio  came to the rescue of a client gearing up for a party with a complete transformation of their back porch which had functioned merely as a walk-through out to the pool.  I can identify with this dilemma - disparate pieces without a unifying theme and presence.

After!:    They designed a custom-built, simulated barn door to create a fabulous focal point and dose of strong color.  The wicker pieces were also painted navy to tie-in with the door and the bench a punchy green for a pretty contrast.  Artwork from the client's storage room was hung.  Look at how amazing the fading painted brick looks now.

Green folding chairs were added to tie in the color scheme to the other side of the space and a console table provides an unobstructed view.  The floors were painted blue and area rugs added for texture and interest.

For more images of the backyard transformation and the party reveal, head here.