Since I can't buy this 1904 Tudor Revival in Country Club Hills in Arlington, VA, you must.  Believe me, my husband and I did look at each other with the "Should we do this?  It wouldn't be practical but..." look but the practical part won out. So while my heart did go pitter-patter, we plan to move in 5-7 years so it would make no sense. Yes, I need to write that just to reconfirm the logic of it.

This 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath house is both charming and spacious and no matter how tricked-out the new mc-builds are in our neighborhood, they can't hold a candle to the gracious proportions and scale of this home.  If I were to buy this home, my list of modifications would be quite short. And for those of you who recognize the address on Glebe Rd., can I say the quiet inside the home is pleasantly surprising.  Again, hats off to the architects and craftsman of 1904 - when Teddy Roosevelt was president.   The home is listed at $1,140,000 - for more info go here.  

Images from the listing - above is a side-view of the entry hall looking into the parlor that connects to the living room

The front stairs. There's also a back staircase - love that!

2 stone fireplaces, built-ins, wood work, pocket doors, window seats, high ceilings, light filled

The listing agent was kind enough to let me return and take photos of the multi-tiered gardens.  Little children and fans of any age of the Secret Garden would adore this backyard.

Here's the pump house where the well used to be.  The weather vane is its own work of art.

As I re-read this, I know I've gushed effusively but that's what you do when you have a house crush.  I truly hope this house goes to a family that will love and appreciate it as the previous family did.  Houses  homes like this should be cherished well into the this century.

(note - I receive no compensation of any form for this post. These are my own opinions.)