Wow, it seems like Week 5 was only yesterday.  Well, today's the big reveal and I'm pleased to say I"m about 85% done.  Before a re-cap of the before and after of my dining room/library,  a huge thank you to the creator of the One Room Challenge,  Linda of Calling It Home.  If it wasn't for the ORC, the fabric would still be on the bolt and the floors would still be glowing orange.   (previous five weeks here.)

As a reminder, here's the room BEFORE:

Now the AFTER:

This is a painting I've been working on.  It needs more layers and depth but I like the direction it's headed in.  The desk was removed and this round table brought in.  It really is a nice place to sit and read large sized books.

After weeding out a ton a lot of accessories, I settled on pottery in blues and greens for the table.  The peacock glazed jug was recently purchased from etsy and I am in love with it!  The taller one was made by my son when he was a senior in high school.

OK - part of the 15% still left to do is to HEM my drapes.  Please excuse the thud-puddle!  If you've been following along this last few months, you know I was on the fence about the floral. It's a departure from my usual.  However, I'm loving the softness it adds to the space.

Framed intaglios flank both sides of the french doors along with concete  - in the shape of a sphere and lion.  Hope to continue touches of concrete when I  tackle the outdoor side yard.

I'm really pleased with how the euro pleats turned out and love the  unlacquered brass curtain rings from Rejuvenation.  It was simple to sew them on since they have a swivel eyelet.  Eventually I want to replace this rod with a custom, slightler longer one but for now it's working.

All the coral was removed from the shelves - my goals was to quiet them down visually.  I may be adding more framed intaglios and even toyed with the idea of hanging one or two framed ones down the center of the bookcase.  Still pondering that...

Modern life - wireless router and phone are hooked up here.

As you can see, I didn't get the herringbone insert done in time.  However, here it is in the planning stages.  I've already worked out a weathered wood glaze for it so hopefully I'll be able to show it to you in the next 2 weeks.

One last thought - THE FLOORS

I love the crisp feeling of my newly painted floors but they show. every. bit. of dust. and I have no short supply of it here.  This spring I might paint over them with a geometric pattern in dove gray and taupe.  What do you think?   Sshh, don't say anything to my husband.

OK, Now I can't wait to see all the room reveals of the  other 19 bloggers in the One Room Challenge.  I know their spaces are going to be amazing!!   Also, don't forget  the ORC Linking Party on Calling it Home on Thursday.

This fabulous graphic is by Jennifer of The Pink Pagoda.  I'm going to miss posting it on my blog every week!