I've been noticing more glazed pottery lately.  Have you?  I can remember as a kid back in the 70's it was very popular.  Earthy, substantial and reflective in it's own way, I'm really liking this resurgence.  

(Above image of the 2013 Hearst Designer Visions Showhouse, designer Carlos Aparicio, from Curbed, photography by Will Femia, more images here.)

Designer Kishani Perara  here

Architect Joan Dineen via New York Social Diary, photography by Jeff Hirsch

Home of Rachel Bilson and Hayeden Christensen, design by Kishani Perera, photography by Douglas Friedman  via Lonny November 2013

alex + marion ceramics via the market here

takahashi vase from etsy here - beautiful against this white washed wood.

via etsy here

peacock glazed jug from etsy here - while creating this post a few weeks ago I decided to buy this one. Just couldn't stop thinking about it.

On a more important note, today is Veteran's Day.  
Thank you for your service.