Have you ever wondered what a family heirloom or your latest flea market find might be worth?  Well if you live in the DC area, there's a chance to find out this Saturday morning January 11th from 9am - 11 am at the Washington Winter Show.

The show will have 9 dealers from around the country on hand to lend expertise and give approximate verbal value and history of the objects brought in.   The show asks that you bring in anything you can carry (silver, wood, paintings, textiles, jewelry, maps, etc.) and if it can not be carried in, to bring a photo instead.  The fee for the verbal appraisal is $10 per item and it goes to support  the three charities the Washington Winter Show has selected. (no tickets or reservations required)
Two or three items per person is the limit but if things are slow, then the dealers are more than happy to oblige.  If you're a fan of Antiques Road Show you know an event like this can be a lot of fun!

If nothing in my schedule changes, I'm planning to bring in some things I inherited from my mom that I'm curious about:

First, this ring.  It appears to be rose gold and my mom had told me it belonged to my great grandmother.  I now wear it instead of my engagement ring (which was my nana's - so it doesn't hurt my husband's feelings )  Not sure if it is an emerald or a different stone.

And, this necklace that I gave to my daughter, which also belonged to my great grandmother. I'm guessing the necklace is garnet with pearls and the stickpin is the same, with an accent diamond.  I'm considering having the stones, along with another diamond, reset as a ring for my daughter's 16th birthday.

For more information on the annual Washington Winter Show head here.  This year's theme is Southern Traditions and this weekend's events are filled with all things Southern!  (The Lee Brothers - Exploring the Charleston Kitchen, author Julia Reed and a Bourbon Tasting)