One of my 2014 goals was to post more about our basement reno - remember that project I mention once every blue moon?  One of the things slowing me down was indecision on the bathroom sink. I bought this vintage bureau to make over as a bath vanity with the thought I'd have a stone top and undercounter sink to go with the wall faucet.  However, after calculating the cost for that it seemed to defeat my money saving goal of repurposing the vanity in the first place!  Plus, this bureau is  massively polyurethaned, almost like the wood you'd find on a boat, so I know it will hold up well.  So back to the sink.   The other obvious option was a vessel sink  -  but I'm not a fan of most of those and they  weren't going to work anyway with the planned wall faucet.  

That's when I came across semi-recessed style sinks!  A much toned down version of the vessel but not a typical lip-type overmount sink.  Here's the one I picked - the Decolav 1453-CWH Classically Redefined Semi-Recessed Lavatory Sink, White.   I went with the option with no overflow because I hate  trying to keep those clean!    Here's some more inspiration for semi-recessed sinks:

Love the look of this vessel sink contrasted with the wood.  Design by Tricia Huntley of Huntley and Co.

Design by Kathy Ferguson of Harrison Design Associates image via Atlanta Homes here, photography by Erica George Danes

from Simply Swanky Digs

There's also other options, here's just a few:

Decolav 1456-CWH Classically Redefined Oval Semi Recessed Lavatory Sink, White

Xylem CSR213RC Semi-Recessed Rectangular Vitreous China Vessel, White

Next week I'll be back with more on the tiles and the stand-alone tub I've chosen.  It feels great to be making progress!