The One Room Challenge is on again - 20 bloggers, 1 room, 6 weeks!!  Welcome back if you followed along last time with my library/dining room and the drama of the painted white floors.  If you're new to my blog, glad you're here!  As always, a huge thank you to Linda of Calling it Home for being the kick-in-the-pants I need to finish off a room.  This time it is our much neglected master bedroom.  So here goes - 

This is the entrance to our bedroom.   The original door was to the left - which left it looking out through the hall into our living room.  So, years ago we moved the door to the right, giving up a closet in the process but gaining more privacy.

As is today.  Pale blue linen drapes, raffia covered headboard and Pier 1 shutters covering the wonky small window on that wall.

Random nightstands and art that doesn't make the grade.   Please notice the the upper right piece - the art slipped down years ago and it's stayed there every since :)

The view from the window.  Door on the far left is to the master bathroom.  Unpainted closet doors to the right.

CAN YOU BELIEVE I'M SHOWING YOU THIS?!!  Yes, this is the wall of mismatched dressers and the second closet with DIY doors covered in raffia.  Ok, I'm now just noticing a knob is missing!  (it's my husband's closet...)   To the left of the closet is the door/vestibule area from the first picture I showed.

As you can tell, we're not good at keeping our dresser surfaces looking good.  I've decided to completely get rid of them and replace them with wall storage instead.   So here's the list of planned changes:

- Install 14" deep Ikea Pax cabinets on this wall.  
- Paint walls and ceiling.
- Change the drapes, using this fabric, Donghia Stella,  I've been holding onto forever.  Hard to see here but there's a faint lilac in the pattern.
- Recover the headboard in a gray mohair.
- Find a bench for the foot of the bed.
- New bedside tables
- New lamps and art for the room

Here are two rooms I'm using as inspiration:

Now I'm off to check out what this amazing group of bloggers Linda has pulled together has planned for this round of the #OneRoomChallenge!


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