OK, Week 3.  Things are getting serious, time to make things happen.  Can you believe I've never had a bench at the foot of my bed?  Well, I have been missing out the last couple of decades! So let me introduce you to my new  Sinclair Wood Bench* from Lamps Plus, one of the sponsors of the One Room Challenge.  I LOVE this bench.  It's 51" wide, 19" high and 16" deep; the perfect size for our 13' 6" x 13" bedroom with king size bed.  It's solid wood construction with a lovely distressed finish and firm seat covered in a nice neutral weave fabric.  (*the link is to the Walnut version)  Life is so much easier when you have someplace to put the extra pillows!  Like I said, I can't believe I've waited this long to have one.

The other accomplishment was the installation of two 14" deep pax cabinets.  There's still more to do here - grasscloth for the left unit, shelves, drawers and doors to be added (half doors on the Left unit, full doors on the Right Unit.)  I really like the 14" depth - nothing ends up at the back like with our previous dresser drawers.

We raised the units up slightly so we can add baseboards and molding at the top.  I have a plan for the two open areas on either side of the units but I'll save that for  later - still need to work it out a bit.

ALSO, thank you to everyone for the great encouragement last week on the window treatments.  A pelmut came in as the winner.  

If you're new to my blog, Week 1 and Week 2 will catch you up on the plans for this master bedroom makeover. Now be sure to head over to check out what my fellow bloggers are up to!


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