Well, it's been one week since the end of the One Room Challenge.  I knew when I posted about my bedroom there were some things that were off but I decided to keep last week's post focused on what I did like.  Now time to look at the problems...   

The Pelmet:  I went with this option because I had a room darkening Ikea blind that was unsightly (but so needed) and a window with only molding at the bottom.  While I do love that gray velvet, as a pelmet it's a strong contrast right at the ceiling line, only emphasizing the 8 ft height.   I remembered I had off-white fabric with a gold greek key border already sewn on it (originally intended as a twin bed skirt) so I covered the gray with it.  The looks is softer but it does make me wonder - 

- Is the contrast of the gold drapes still too much against the white walls?  
There are bits of gold accents in the rest of the room but I don't think enough to move the eye around.

The Walls:   First, let me say this room is super hard to photograph.  It was  sunny day and it all just looks so flat.  Photography aside, the walls are BM Ancient Ivory.   I've had darker colors in this room and just don't want to go there.  However, there is too much contrast w/the drapes.  So I'm wondering - 

Is there a way to add interest to these walls to bring more life to them?   What about stenciling a slightly-less curvy stripe in a very soft dove gray on the walls? Or a strie wall treatment?  OK, do tell me if I'm reaching here…Ideas?

All the Straight Lines:  You may have noticed from the first pic that I ditched the matching lamps and added in this curvy mercury lamp.  There's so many straight lines in this room that I think some more softness needs to be brought on.  This may also mean bringing in some art that is softer as well. More of this maybe?

Here I am testing out what some additional color and pattern on the bed would do for the room. Above is leftover drape fabric but I think the pattern is too subtle.  The vintage Ikat fabric is going somewhere else but maybe the answer is in a stronger pattern that also has some gold in it, along with gray/purple.

Maybe a fabric something like this Oushak but with a bit stronger gray in it?

OK, so that's the critique.  I think the room is fine (still serene, etc) but I know it can be so much better. Do serve up your advice, I'd love to hear it!


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