Don't you hate it when you get all the way home, look a snapshots of what you saw, and seriously wonder either How did I miss noticing that? or Why didn't I get that?   Love these Klismos chairs, which I don't need, but what's up with the petrified wood stump?  Love it. 

And for that matter, this pair of glossy gray lamps.  I always find one lamp I love when I need a pair.  Why didn't I ponder these more seriously when I was there - all -the-way-across town?  By the way, there were lots of pairs of lamps at the Columbia Pike HomeGoods.

This mirror could be great as is or rub n' buffed into something different with a leather belt replacing the rope.

No, I'm not wondering why I walked away from this…Just curious, how would you use a big clock on a tall pole?  Am I missing something?


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