It's Friday, yeah!! After an awful bout with the stomach flu I'm happy to be ending this week on a high note with Project Design and the coffee table styling challenge.  Thanks to Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home and Cindy of Rough Luxe Lifestyle for inviting me to participate.  To be honest, I found the glass surface a bit challenging - my goal was to "warm" it up and add in layers while still leaving enough free space for setting down a drink, etc.  Below is a reminder of the state of my living room coffee table with this keeping-it-real snapshot from this past Sunday.  Here you can see there's just messy layers... 

I went with the classic tray approach and added in a few practical elements - candle, matches and cocktail napkins.  Drinks perspire on the glass and create that suction effect so it's nice to have the napkins to prevent that.   The Caribbean Islands book is vintage and full of interesting photos.

I also included a bowl with snapshot proofs of my son's photography from senior year in high school. Akin to a deck of cards,  I think guests would feel comfortable reaching over and thumbing through them.  

I've changed out the green for pink with Anna Spiro's gorgeous Absolutely Beautiful Things and a blush colored Glassybaby. I like the pink with our gold sofa.  Yeah, I should have pushed that cushion down!

In these shots I have a Celtic Cross on the napkins but I prefer the gold shell instead.

Here's a late night shot with one more version of the tray, this time with an extra book.  I'm liking the shell on it's own.

Update - OK, 1 more, lol.  After looking at all these pics this morning I realized I should have pushed the groupings to the center of the table a bit more for some balance.

Now join me in heading over to these bloggers to check out how they've styled their coffee tables - I'm sure there'll be tons of inspiration!