Seattle & Coffee Seattle & Coffee

Traveling and purchasing magazines seem to go hand in hand. I treated myself to Vogue Living Australia. Love the rooms below with the contra...

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9:07 PM

I've been tagged I've been tagged

by Just Imagine , a great new blog. Now, for seven random things about me. 1. I was born in Greenbay, WI. When I was an infant I spit-up on ...

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7:14 PM

Contemplating Concrete Contemplating Concrete

It's time for the pepto-bismol pink & black 1950's master bath to go! There's an overdue bathroom renovation in our future ...

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9:14 AM

Wearing the sea...from Turkey Wearing the sea...from Turkey

Browsing on Etsy , I came upon Star of the East , and was so enamored with this mother & daughter team's original pieces. I was also...

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4:51 PM

fine lines and dreams of a vanity table ...and soft lighting, of course fine lines and dreams of a vanity table ...and soft lighting, of course

1965 Knoll International table by Franco Albini, D Home, Sep/Oct 2004, designer Jan Martin House Beautiful Feb 2007, designer T. Keller Dono...

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4:36 PM

A Wall in Need of Paper? A Wall in Need of Paper?

Umbra Tolla Storm Blue Julien Macdonald Glamerous Thomas Paul Robin wall canvas 20 X 20 Thomas Paul Lovebirds wall canvas 20 X 20 Linda Bark...

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12:38 PM

Surprised at Pottery Barn Surprised at Pottery Barn

In terms of Pottery Barn, I've tended to be a window shopper versus a buyer. Since my Italian class takes place across the street from P...

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12:09 PM

Beautiful cards Beautiful cards

Cartolina Cards are designed and produced in British Columbia by graphic designer Fiona Richards. I first saw them on PoppyTalk and just h...

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8:51 PM

Mrs. L - the gift of a neighbor Mrs. L - the gift of a neighbor

Sometimes the gifts you receive from your home have nothing to do with its square footage or it's well planned layout. The gift comes f...

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3:59 PM

Bellissimo!  J.K. Place Capri Bellissimo! J.K. Place Capri

Ciao! Mi chiamo Michele. This past Saturday I went to my first Italian language class. We'll be travelling to Italy this summer and I ...

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4:56 PM