Dallas' Blueprint - Fantastic! Dallas' Blueprint - Fantastic!

My visit last week to Dallas' Blueprint was a treat I had been looking forward to and it exceeded all my expectations. Set in an intere...

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5:13 AM

Faux Bois Velvet - suggestions? Faux Bois Velvet - suggestions?

Loved this faux bois velvet when I saw it at Bungalow Classic way back in February while in Atlanta. Does anyone happen to know of a sour...

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6:38 AM

On the Diagonal & Earthquake, really On the Diagonal & Earthquake, really

Last week while visiting Seattle's Great Jones Home, I noticed these great tete-a-tete pieces. So interesting - have you ever used one ...

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6:19 AM

Seattle's Great Jones Home Seattle's Great Jones Home

The last time I went to Great Jones Home in Aug 2010 I titled the post, If Elle Decor Was a Store. This store does not disappoint - lot&#...

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4:55 AM

How Could I Be Mad? How Could I Be Mad?

How could I be upset when a car as cute as this beat me to the parking space I was headed for? It's like a toy car, but it's not, an...

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7:04 AM

I'm Late to the Game - Jeffrey Allan Marks I'm Late to the Game - Jeffrey Allan Marks

Thanks to itunes & a season's pass, my daughter and I just completed a marathon viewing session of the first season of Million Dolla...

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9:56 AM

Scott's:  A Quick Visit Scott's: A Quick Visit

2 1/2 hours is not enough time for Scott's - but it's better than no time at all. Here are a few things that caught me eye during m...

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4:12 AM