A Bit of NE in DE A Bit of NE in DE

I've lived in the DC area since 1990 but last week was my first trip to the quaint beachside town of Lewes, DE. It's like a dose of...

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8:06 AM

Cheery Eye Candy Cheery Eye Candy

Hope you have a cheery start to your Monday. I thought these interiors by Kelie Grosso of Maison Luxe matched that sentiment. More images ...

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4:00 AM

Thom Filicia's American Beauty Thom Filicia's American Beauty

November is too long to wait for the release of Thom Filicia's book dedicated to the transformation of his 1917 house on East Lake Rd in...

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8:50 PM

Sunny Seattle's Great Jones Home Sunny Seattle's Great Jones Home

Last week I was in sunny Seattle for work - seems like everytime I go there the weather is just gorgeous. Luckily, I can usually squeeze in ...

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6:29 AM

Mood Rooms Mood Rooms

Looking at this Charleston home, I'm struck by how much each room/photo invokes a mood. The first one in particular could be the subjec...

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7:01 AM

Blue Doors on a Renovated Barn Blue Doors on a Renovated Barn

A few weeks ago my husband and I went for a weekend getaway to St. Michaels, MD on the eastern shore. Saw this great renovated barn with th...

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8:48 AM

Moveover NY - It's Selling London! Moveover NY - It's Selling London!

Have you watched any of the episodes of Selling London ? I happened to catch an episode while surfing the channels in a hotel room last mon...

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10:00 AM

From the Stacks:  MetHome 2007 From the Stacks: MetHome 2007

Not sure I should even refer to my short lived series, From the Stacks, but here's the refined and elegant home of designer Andrew Fles...

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4:19 AM

Flowers for You Flowers for You

Waited a bit too long to snap these pics but this bouquet, thanks to the phlox and russian sage, smelled so good! My ceramic blue bowl was ...

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7:53 AM

Charleston Jackpot Charleston Jackpot

At first glance this looks like a courtyard in Provence, doesn't it? Usually when I start perusing Charleston homes it takes a bit of t...

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4:06 AM