Charleston Courtyard Goodness Charleston Courtyard Goodness

Sometimes you come across an image and think this should be in a magazine. That's how I felt about designer Amy Vermillion's pictur...

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5:34 AM

Tom Scheerer Decorates: You'll Want This! Tom Scheerer Decorates: You'll Want This!

Whenever a designer whose work has graced the pages of major shelter magazines issues a book, you always wonder - will I really be seeing an...

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7:47 AM

What About Raffia Instead? What About Raffia Instead?

Grasscloth is popular and you see alot of it - but imagine these two spaces without the raffia wall covering.  It would certainly be nice bu...

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5:54 AM

A 40++ Year Tradition A 40++ Year Tradition

For 40+ years my Dad, my Uncle Don and their childhood friend Ray have been driving from NY, CT and RI to meet-up at one of the most beautif...

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4:45 AM

The Gardens of Twickenham, Huntsville! The Gardens of Twickenham, Huntsville!

Picking up from last week's post on the home, here's a glimpse at the gardens and landscaping of Twickenham. I took this brick and s...

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4:50 AM

A Master Walk-In Closet A Master Walk-In Closet

Here's the walk-in closet from Susan Jamieson's master bedroom transformation in the 2013 DC Design House. Notice the fabric on the ...

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5:00 AM