First, can I tell you the back story on these photos? My last night in Huntsville, Al I headed to over to have dinner at the farmer's market in Twickenham, a historic district.  I imagined it would be nice - it's Alabama's largest collection of antebellum homes BUT I didn't realize just how incredibly beautiful and interesting it was.

My heart was skipping beats UNTIL I found my camera battery was dead!!
Despair....then my cell phone rang.
US Airways had cancelled my 6:30 am flight the next day.
Opportunity had knocked - Yippee!!  I rebooked a later morning flight and proceed to get up at 5 am so I could arrive in Twickenham just as the sun rose.
Yes, I was the crazy lady parked in a rental car while it was still dark out...waiting for sun light.

Homes date back to 1814, with some from the early 20th century as well as an occasional new-build sensitively built with scale in mind. (no McCrapsion's here.)

Why I think it rivals Charlston is because of the diversity.  From Greek Revival to Dutch Colonial to Italianate and will be treated to beautiful homes everywhere you look.

Not quite sure, but I think there's a pool in this building.

Twickenham is also full of charming lanes off the main streets.

One of my favorites!!

These concrete planters are perfect here.

A charming home from 1928.

I saw only a portion of what was available.  I should have re-booked an afternoon flight instead of a mid-morning one.  Still more to show you in another post next week - the Gorgeous Gardens of Twickenham!