A business trip to Chicago led to a visit to Mecox Garden's Chicago location - WOW! First let me say that store manager, Kenneth Chrzastek, is absolutely the best. Friendly, informative and a very gracious host to have let me spend an indulgent hour enjoying the store and snapping photo after photo. (And, I should mention the staff at the Dallas store were great too). The furniture and lamp colors are vibrant and warm and a gorgeous, rich yellow is featured throughout the store. Everywhere your eye lands, you notice unusual and beautifully crafted animal figures as well as bar vignettes (one of Kenneth's touches and something I also love and posted previously about.) If you're in Chicago, this is a must-see store. Mecox Gardens - we could really use you here in D.C.!

Love these jade accent pieces - the Dallas store had a great collection too.

This lamp is beautiful - this photo doesn't do it justice.

Kenneth mentioned that Zeus, and a number of their other statues, can be placed outdoors too!
Love the juxtaposition of these two figures.

Horse lovers - the antique horse above is $125 and the vintage horse below is $195.