While the rest of my clan was at the Science Museum, I had a great morning walking around Boston. A visit to designer Jill Goldberg's store Hudson in the south end of Boston didn't disappoint. Love the framed blueprints on the wall. They also have a store in Wellesley.

The glass display blocks above are also available at Wisteria.

Love, love the green of this bureau. Notice the deer antlers in the window below - I wish I had a telephoto lens because the interior of this home could be in a magazine.

I snapped about 20 pictures of the gorgeous wreaths and urns on display in Beacon Hill - here's one that will still look great if they leave it up all winter. I'm saving the rest for a post in Dec. 2009. This was the first Christmas season I blogged so I'm going to think ahead for next year!
One of Beacon Hill's cobblestone lanes.
Beacon Hill's Post Office on Charles Street

Louisburg Square - Beacon Hill. Per Wikipedia "Currently it is the most expensive residential neighborhood in the country...the average cost of a townhouse on the street exceeds $6 million and reaches as high as $20 million."

Here I am stalking around Commonwealth Ave in Boston. We had afternoon tea at the Taj Hotel but somehow the rest of my family wasn't as interested as I was in lingering in the neighborhood... Notice the ornate ceiling. The wall color was a beautiful teal-green that doesn't show up in this photo. Love the fact that this incredible Comm Ave brownstown has this (see below) in their front lawn.
We used to live in Cambride MA and this visit was a nice trip down memory lane, as they say. We dragged our kids back to our old apartment on Forest Street in Cambridge, but in all the nostalgia, forgot to take pictures. It looks pretty much the same. I could definitely live here again... or at least rent a place in Beacon Hill for a year or so when we retire. Anyway, this is a New Year and time to enjoy the present. Happy New Year!!