O.K. - I'll either look back at this post fondly or with egg on my face but I have a feeling that red is going to be the Color of the Year in 2011. What do I base this on? It's certainly not any market research but I have been noticing & admiring the color red lately. I emphasize the "admiring" part as I've never been one to care for red and if I'm starting to like it that must mean something (or, nothing at all!) The red bead
chandelier is from Julia Edelmann's design studio in Chicago. You may remember the previous version in turquoise. (I've forgotten who designed this chandelier)

Here's the new Rose Line lamp from CB2 - they chose a red cord. Below is a bar arrangement styled by Ken Chrzastek of Chicago's Mecox Gardens. I think Ken creates the best store vignettes ever and if he's drawn to an all red bar palette...

So, what do you think? Could it be RED or am I totally off-base?

(p.s. - I'm on travel and posted this from my iPad w/wireless keyboard. Love it!)